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To find the appropriate Instructions for Use (IFU) for a LeMaitre Vascular product, please use the menu below to navigate to the product by name.

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Product IFUs:

A Top

AlboGraft® Vascular Graft
    AMC1506, AMC3006, AMC4006, AMC6006, AMC1006, AMC4007, AMC1508, AMC3008, AMC4008,
    AMC6007, AMC6008, AMC1008, AMC1510, AMC3010, AMC4010, AMC6010, AMC1010, AMC1512,
    AMC3012, AMC1514, AMC3014, AMC1516, AMC3016, AMC1518, AMC3018, AMC1520, AMC3020,
    AMC1522, AMC3022, AMC1524, AMC3024, AMO6008, AMC1207, AMC1407, AMC1408, AMC1608,
    AMC1609, AMC1809, AMC1810, AMC2010, AMC2011, AMC2211, AMC2412, ASC3006, ASC4006,
    ASC6006, ASC8006, ASC3007, ASC4007, ASC6007, ASC8007, ASC3008, ASC4008, ASC6008,
    ASC8008, ATC1506, ATC3006, ATC4006, ATC6006, ATC1508, ATC3008, ATC4008, ATC6008,
    ATC1510, ATC3010, ATC4010, ATC6010, ATC1512, ATC3012, ATC4012, ATC1514, ATC3014,
    ATC1516, ATC3016, ATC1518, ATC3018, ATC1520, ATC3020, ATC1522, ATC3022, ATC9022,
    ATC1524, ATC3024, ATC9024, ATC1526, ATC3026, ATC9026, ATC1528, ATC3028, ATC9028,
    ATC1530, ATC3030, ATC9030, ATC1532, ATC3032, ATC9032, ATC1534, ATC3034, ATC9034,
    ATC1538, ATC3038, ATO4007, ATO6026, ATO6028, ATC1207, ATC1407, ATC1408, ATC1608,
    ATC1609, ATC1809, ATC1810, ATC2010, ATC2011, ATC2211, ATC2412, eAMC1506, eAMC3006,
    eAMC4006, eAMC6006, eAMC1006, eAMC4007, eAMC1508, eAMC3008, eAMC4008, eAMC6007,
    eAMC6008, eAMC1008, eAMC1510, eAMC3010, eAMC4010, eAMC6010, eAMC1010, eAMC1512,
    eAMC3012, eAMC1514, eAMC3014, eAMC1516,e AMC3016, eAMC1518, eAMC3018,eAMC1520,
    eAMC3020, eAMC1522, eAMC3022, eAMC1524, eAMC3024, eAMO6008, eAMC1207, eAMC1407,
    eAMC1408, eAMC1608, eAMC1609, eAMC1809, eAMC1810, eAMC2010, eAMC2011, eAMC2211,
    eAMC2412, eASC3006, eASC4006, eASC6006, eASC8006, eASC3007,e ASC4007, eASC6007,
    eASC8007, eASC3008, eASC4008, eASC6008, eASC8008, eATC1506, eATC3006, eATC4006,
    eATC6006, eATC1508, eATC3008, eATC4008, eATC6008, eATC1510, eATC3010, eATC4010,
    eATC6010, eATC1512,e ATC3012, eATC4012, eATC1514, eATC3014, eATC1516, eATC3016,
    eATC1518, eATC3018, eATC1520, eATC3020, eATC1522, eATC3022, eATC9022, eATC1524,
    eATC3024, eATC9024, eATC1526, eATC3026, eATC9026, eATC1528, eATC3028, eATC9028,
    eATC1530, eATC3030, eATC9030, eATC1532, eATC3032, eATC9032,e ATC1534, eATC3034,
    eATC9034, eATC1538, eATC3038, eATO4007, eATO6026, eATO6028,e ATC1207, eATC1407,
    eATC1408, eATC1608, eATC1609, eATC1809, eATC1810, eATC2010, eATC2011, eATC2211,
    AlboGraft® Vascular Graft IFU. R2078-01 Rev. K 10/17

AlboSure™ Polyester Vascular Patch
    AP06075T, AP08075T, AP10075T, AP20090R, AP10100R, AP10150R
    AlboSure™ Polyester Vascular Patch IFU. R2090-01 Rev. E 11/17

AnastoClip GC® Closure System 8cm - Vascular
    4007-06, 4007-07, and 4007-08
    AnastoClip GC® Closure System 8cm - Vascular IFU. R1873-02 Rev. P 09/17

AnastoClip® VCS Closure System 8cm - Vascular
    4000-05, 4000-06, 4000-07, 4000-08
     AnastoClip® VCS Closure System 8cm - Vascular IFU. R1463-00 Rev. P 08/17

AnastoClip® AC Closure System 8cm - Neuro
    e4000-05, e4000-06, e4000-07, e4000-08
    AnastoClip® AC Closure System 8cm - Neuro IFU. R1463-01 Rev. P 08/17

AnastoClip® AC Closure System 15cm - Vascular & Neuro
    4012-01, 4012-02, 4012-03
    AnastoClip® AC Closure System 15cm IFU. R1463-02 Rev. P 08/17

AnastoClip® Atraumatic Tissue Everting Forceps
    AnastoClip® Atraumatic Tissue Everting Forceps IFU. R3164-01 Rev. C 05/17

AnastoClip® Universal Clip Remover
    4001-00, 4001-04, 4013-00, 4013-01, e4001-00, e4001-04, e4013-00, e4013-01
    AnastoClip® Universal Clip Remover IFU. R3449-01 Rev. C 05/17

D Top

Distal Perfusion Catheter
    2105-15, 2106-15,e2105-15, e2106-15
    Distal Perfusion Catheter IFU. R1579-01 Rev. G 02/17

Disposable Angioscope
    ANG-080-D10K, A5000, eANG-080-D10K, eA5000
    Disposable Angioscope IFU. R2795-01 Rev. A 09/14

E Top

EndoHelix™ Retrieval Device
    4200-20, e4200-20
    EndoHelix™ Retrieval Device IFU. R1798-01 Rev. H 01/13

F Top

Flexcel Carotid Shunt
    2020-01, 2020-05, 2020-11, 2020-15, 2020-21, 2020-25, 2020-31, 2020-35, 2020-41,
    2020-45, e2020-01, e2020-05,e 2020-11, e2020-15,e 2020-21, e2020-25, e2020-31,
    e2020-35, e2020-41, e2020-45
    Flexcel Carotid Shunt IFU. R1321-01 Rev. H 01/13

G Top

Gemini Universal Light Cable
    Gemini Universal Light Cable IFU. R2603-01 Rev. D 07/17

L Top

LeMaitre Aortic Occlusion Catheter
    2107-80, 2107-81, e2107-80, e2107-81
    LeMaitre Aortic Occlusion Catheter IFU. R2536-01 Rev. G 01/17

LeMaitre® Embolectomy Catheter
    1601-24, 1601-26, 1601-28, 1601-34, 1601-38, 1601-44, e1601-24, e1601-26, e1601-28,
    e1601-34, e1601-38, e1601-44, 1601-48, 1601-54, 1601-58, 1601-68, 1601-78
    LeMaitre® Embolectomy Catheter IFU. R1312-01 Rev. N 10/17

LeMaitre® Over-the-Wire Embolectomy Catheter
    1651-34, 1651-38, 1651-44, 1651-48, 1651-54, 1651-58, 1651-64, 1651-68, 1651-78,
    1651-84, 1651-88, e1651-34, e1651-38, e1651-44, e1651-48, e1651-54, e1651-58,
    e1651-64, e1651-68, e1651-78, e1651-84, e1651-88
    LeMaitre® Over-the-Wire Embolectomy Catheter IFU. R1203-01 Rev. K 11/17

Expandable LeMaitre® Valvulotome
    1000-90, 1000-95, 1007-00, 1007-01, 1008-00, 1008-01, 1096-00, 1096-01, e1000-90,
    e1000-95, e1007-00, e1007-01, e1008-00, e1008-01, e1096-00, e1096-01
    Expandable LeMaitre® Valvulotome R1039-05 IFU. Rev. R 04/14

1.5mm HYDRO LeMaitre® Valvulotome
    1009-00, 1009-00J, 1010-00, 1011-00, 1012-00,
    e1009-00, e1010-00, e1011-00, e1012-00
    1.5mm HYDRO LeMaitre® Valvulotome IFU. R2532-01 Rev. E 06/17

Over-the-Wire LeMaitre® Valvulotome
    1005-00, 1005-01, 1006-00, 1006-01, e1005-00, e1005-01, e1006-00, e1006-01
    Over-the-Wire LeMaitre® Valvulotome IFU. R2242-01 Rev. H 04/14

LeMills Valvulotome
    1050-00, 1050-01, 1050-02, e1050-00, e1050-01, e1050-02
    LeMills Valvulotome IFU. R2727-01 Rev. B 12/14

LeverEdge® Contrast Injector
    4100-00, 4100-01, e4100-00, e4100-01
    LeverEdge® Contrast Injector IFU. R1768-01 Rev. H 01/13

LifeSpan® ePTFE Vascular Graft
    R05010, R05020, R05050, R06010, R06020, R06030, R06050, R07020, R07050, R06015CS,
    R06050CS5, R06050CS, R07050CS, R08050CS, RS47050, RS4750CS5, RS47050CS, QT47040,
    QT47050, QT4745CS5, QT47045CS, R05080, R06080, R07080, R08020, R08050, R08080,
    R10080, T05010, T05020, T05050, T05080, T06010, T06020, T06050, T06080, T07010,
    T07020, T07050, T07080, T08010, T08020, T08050, T08080, T10080, R05080C30,
    R06050C50, R06080C80, R07050C50, R07080C80, R08050C50, R08080C80, R10080C80,
    T06050C50, T06080C80, T07050C50, T07080C80, T08050C50, T08080C80, T10080C80,
    T06050C30, T06080C50, T07050C30, T07080C50, T08050C30, T08080C50, GR74070,
    GT74070, GT74080C70, eR05010, eR05020, eR05050, eR06010, eR06020, eR06030,
    eR06050, eR07020, eR07050, eR06015CS, eR06050CS5, eR06050CS, eR07050CS,
    eR08050CS, eRS47050, eRS4750CS5, eRS47050CS, eQT47040, eQT47050, eQT4745CS5,
    eQT47045CS, eR05080, eR06080, eR07080, eR08020, eR08050, eR08080, eR10080,
    eT05010, eT05020, eT05050, eT05080, eT06010, eT06020, eT06050, eT06080, eT07010,
    eT07020, eT07050, eT07080, eT08010, eT08020, eT08050, eT08080, eT10080, eR05080C30,
    eR06050C50, eR06080C80, eR07050C50, eR07080C80, eR08050C50, eR08080C80,
    eR10080C80, eT06050C50, eT06080C80, eT07050C50, eT07080C80, eT08050C50,
    eT08080C80, eT10080C80, eT06050C30, eT06080C50, eT07050C30, eT07080C50,
    eT08050C30, eT08080C50, eGR74070, eGT74070, eGT74080C70
    LifeSpan® ePTFE Vascular Graft IFU. R2270-01 Rev. E 10/17

Light Post Adapter
    A5401, eA5401
    Light Post Adapter IFU. R2914-01 Rev. A 03/15

M Top

Martin™ Dissector
    4200-10, e4200-10
    Martin™ Dissector IFU. R1823-01 Rev. I 01/16

MollRing Cutter® Remote Endarterectomy Device
    4200-40, 4200-41, 4200-42, 4200-43, 4200-44, 4200-45, e4200-40, 4200-41,
    e4200-42, e4200-43, e4200-44, e4200-45
    MollRing Cutter® Remote Endarterectomy Device IFU. R1796-01 Rev. I 07/15

MultiTASC™ Dissection/ Transection Device
    4500-03, 4500-04, 4500-05, 4500-06, 4500-07, 4500-08, 4500-09, 4500-10, e4500-03,
    e4500-04, e4500-05, e4500-06, e4500-07, e4500-08, e4500-09, e4500-10
    MultiTASC™ Dissection/ Transection Device IFU. R2233-01 Rev. E 12/13

N Top

NovaSil™ Silicone Embolectomy Catheter
    1801-26, 1801-34, 1801-38, 1801-44, 1801-48, 1801-54, 1801-58, 1801-68, 1801-78,
    e1801-26, e1801-34, e1801-38, e1801-44, e1801-48, e1801-54, e1801-58, e1801-68,
    NovaSil™ Silicone Embolectomy Catheter IFU. R1356–01 Rev. J 11/17

P Top

Periscope Dissector
    4200-00, e4200-00
    Periscope Dissector IFU. R1799-01 Rev. 01/13

Polyurethane Dual Lumen Irrigation Occlusion Catheter
    4F-2L-40, 4F-2L-80, 5F-2L-40, 5F-2L-80, e4F-2L-40, e4F-2L-80,
    e5F-2L-40, e5F-2L-80
    Polyurethane Dual Lumen Irrigation Occlusion Catheter IFU. R2558-01 Rev. C 11/14

Pruitt® Aortic Occlusion Catheter
    2100-12, e2100-12
    Pruitt® Aortic Occlusion Catheter IFU. R1577-01 Rev. J 01/16

Pruitt F3® Carotid Shunt
    2011-10, 2012-10, 2012-11, 2013-10, 2011-12, 2012-12, 2012-13, e2011-10,
    e2012-10, e2012-11, e2013-10, e2011-12, e2012-12, e2012-13
    Pruitt F3® Carotid Shunt IFU. R1286-01 Rev. V 05/17

Pruitt F3®-S Polyurethane Carotid Shunt
    2016-10, 2014-10, 2014-11, 2015-10, e2016-10, e2014-10, e2014-11, e2015-10
    2016-11, 2014-12, 2014-13, e2016-11, e2014-12, e2014-13
    Pruitt F3®-S Polyurethane Carotid Shunt IFU. R2797-03 Rev. B 01/16

Pruitt® Irrigation Occlusion Catheter
    2102-09, e2102-09
    Pruitt® Irrigation Occlusion Catheter IFU. R1570-01 Rev. H 01/16

Pruitt® Occlusion Catheter
    2103-36, 2103-46, 2103-56, e2103-36, e2103-46, e2103-56
    Pruitt® Occlusion Catheter IFU. R1571-01 Rev. J 01/16

R Top

Reddick® Cholangiogram Catheter
    2401-50, e2401-50, 2401-51, e2401-51, 2401-52, e2401-52, 2401-53,
    e2401-53, 2400-50, e2400-50 2400-51, e2400-51 2400-52, e2400-52,
    2400-53, e2400-53
    Reddick® Cholangiogram Catheter IFU. R1572-01 Rev. K 10/16

Reddick®-Saye Screw Retractor Kit
    2504-01, e2504-01
    Reddick®-Saye Screw Retractor Kit IFU. R1573-01 Rev. H 01/13

T Top

TRIVEX® System
    7210386, 7210386F, 7210387, 7210387F, 7209791
    TRIVEX® System Operation/Service Manual. R2601-01 Rev. G 07/17

TRIVEX® System Disposable Resector Kit
    7209514, 7209515
    TRIVEX® System Disposable Resector Kit IFU. R2590-01 Rev. E 07/17

TRIVEX® System Illuminator
    TRIVEX® System Illuminator IFU. R2596-01 Rev. D 07/17

TRIVEX® System Illuminator Inflow Tube Set
    TRIVEX® System Illuminator In Flow Tube Set IFU. R2593-01 Rev. D 07/17

Tru-Incise® Valvulotome Cutting Head Kit
    Tru-Incise® Valvulotome Cutting Head Kit IFU. R3140-00 Rev. B 02/17

X Top

XenoSure® Biologic Patch
    e0.6P8, e0.8P8, e1P6, e1P10, e1.5P10, e1P14, e2P9, e2.5P15, e4P4, e4P6, e5P10,
     e6P8, e8P14, e10P16, e12P25
    XenoSure® Biologic Patch IFU. R2390-01 Rev. J 10/17

XenoSure® Biologic Pledgets
    PL0307R10, PL0506R10, PL0510R10, PL0307R25, PL0506R25, PL0510R25
    XenoSure® Biologic Pledgets IFU. R3186-01 Rev. B 07/17

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