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To find the appropriate Instructions for Use (IFU) for a LeMaitre Vascular product, please use the menu below to navigate to the product by name.

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Product IFUs:

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AlboGraft® Polyester Vasküler Greft
    AMC1506, AMC3006, AMC4006, AMC6006, AMC1006, AMC4007, AMC1508, AMC3008, AMC4008,
    AMC6007, AMC6008, AMC1008, AMC1510, AMC3010, AMC4010, AMC6010, AMC1010, AMC1512,
    AMC3012, AMC1514, AMC3014, AMC1516, AMC3016, AMC1518, AMC3018, AMC1520, AMC3020,
    AMC1522, AMC3022, AMC1524, AMC3024, AMO6008, AMC1207, AMC1407, AMC1408, AMC1608,
    AMC1609, AMC1809, AMC1810, AMC2010, AMC2011, AMC2211, AMC2412, ASC3006, ASC4006,
    ASC6006, ASC8006, ASC3007, ASC4007, ASC6007, ASC8007, ASC3008, ASC4008, ASC6008,
    ASC8008, ATC1506, ATC3006, ATC4006, ATC6006, ATC1508, ATC3008, ATC4008, ATC6008,
    ATC1510, ATC3010, ATC4010, ATC6010, ATC1512, ATC3012, ATC4012, ATC1514, ATC3014,
    ATC1516, ATC3016, ATC1518, ATC3018, ATC1520, ATC3020, ATC1522, ATC3022, ATC9022,
    ATC1524, ATC3024, ATC9024, ATC1526, ATC3026, ATC9026, ATC1528, ATC3028, ATC9028,
    ATC1530, ATC3030, ATC9030, ATC1532, ATC3032, ATC9032, ATC1534, ATC3034, ATC9034,
    ATC1538, ATC3038, ATO4007, ATO6026, ATO6028, ATC1207, ATC1407, ATC1408, ATC1608,
    ATC1609, ATC1809, ATC1810, ATC2010, ATC2011, ATC2211, ATC2412, eAMC1506, eAMC3006,
    eAMC4006, eAMC6006, eAMC1006, eAMC4007, eAMC1508, eAMC3008, eAMC4008, eAMC6007,
    eAMC6008, eAMC1008, eAMC1510, eAMC3010, eAMC4010, eAMC6010, eAMC1010, eAMC1512,
    eAMC3012, eAMC1514, eAMC3014, eAMC1516,e AMC3016, eAMC1518, eAMC3018,eAMC1520,
    eAMC3020, eAMC1522, eAMC3022, eAMC1524, eAMC3024, eAMO6008, eAMC1207, eAMC1407,
    eAMC1408, eAMC1608, eAMC1609, eAMC1809, eAMC1810, eAMC2010, eAMC2011, eAMC2211,
    eAMC2412, eASC3006, eASC4006, eASC6006, eASC8006, eASC3007,e ASC4007, eASC6007,
    eASC8007, eASC3008, eASC4008, eASC6008, eASC8008, eATC1506, eATC3006, eATC4006,
    eATC6006, eATC1508, eATC3008, eATC4008, eATC6008, eATC1510, eATC3010, eATC4010,
    eATC6010, eATC1512,e ATC3012, eATC4012, eATC1514, eATC3014, eATC1516, eATC3016,
    eATC1518, eATC3018, eATC1520, eATC3020, eATC1522, eATC3022, eATC9022, eATC1524,
    eATC3024, eATC9024, eATC1526, eATC3026, eATC9026, eATC1528, eATC3028, eATC9028,
    eATC1530, eATC3030, eATC9030, eATC1532, eATC3032, eATC9032,e ATC1534, eATC3034,
    eATC9034, eATC1538, eATC3038, eATO4007, eATO6026, eATO6028,e ATC1207, eATC1407,
    eATC1408, eATC1608, eATC1609, eATC1809, eATC1810, eATC2010, eATC2011, eATC2211,
    AlboGraft® Polyester Vasküler Greft Kullanım Talimatları. R2078-01 Rev. K 10/17

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LeMaitre® Embolektomi Kateteri
    1601-24, e1601-24, 1601-26, e1601-26, 1601-28, e1601-28, 1601-34, e1601-34, 1601-38,
    e1601-38, 1601-44, e1601-44, 1601-48, e1601-48, 1601-54, e1601-54, 1601-58, e1601-58,
    1601-68, e1601-68,1601-78, e1601-78
    LeMaitre® Embolektomi Kateteri Kullanım Talimatları. R1312-01 Rev. N 10/17

LeMaitre® Tel Üzeri Embolektomi Kateteri
    1651-34, 1651-38, 1651-38, 1651-44, 1651-48, 1651-54, 1651-58, 1651-64, 1651-68,
    1651-74, 1651-78, 1651-84, 1651-88, e1651-34, e1651-38, e1651-38, e1651-44, e1651-48,
    e1651-54, e1651-58, e1651-64, e1651-68, e1651-74, e1651-78, e1651-84, e1651-88
    LeMaitre® Tel Üzeri Embolektomi Kateteri Kullanım Talimatları. R1203-01 Rev. K 11/17

LifeSpan® ePTFE Vasküler Greftleri
    R05010, R05020, R05050, R06010, R06020, R06030, R06050, R07020, R07050, R06015CS,
    R06050CS5, R06050CS, R07050CS, R08050CS, RS47050, RS4750CS5, RS47050CS, QT47040,
    QT47050, QT4745CS5, QT47045CS, R05080, R06080, R07080, R08020, R08050, R08080,
    R10080, T05010, T05020, T05050, T05080, T06010, T06020, T06050, T06080, T07010,
    T07020, T07050, T07080, T08010, T08020, T08050, T08080, T10080, R05080C30,
    R06050C50, R06080C80, R07050C50, R07080C80, R08050C50, R08080C80, R10080C80,
    T06050C50, T06080C80, T07050C50, T07080C80, T08050C50, T08080C80, T10080C80,
    T06050C30, T06080C50, T07050C30, T07080C50, T08050C30, T08080C50, GR74070,
    GT74070, GT74080C70, eR05010, eR05020, eR05050, eR06010, eR06020, eR06030,
    eR06050, eR07020, eR07050, eR06015CS, eR06050CS5, eR06050CS, eR07050CS,
    eR08050CS, eRS47050, eRS4750CS5, eRS47050CS, eQT47040, eQT47050, eQT4745CS5,
    eQT47045CS, eR05080, eR06080, eR07080, eR08020, eR08050, eR08080, eR10080,
    eT05010, eT05020, eT05050, eT05080, eT06010, eT06020, eT06050, eT06080, eT07010,
    eT07020, eT07050, eT07080, eT08010, eT08020, eT08050, eT08080, eT10080, eR05080C30,
    eR06050C50, eR06080C80, eR07050C50, eR07080C80, eR08050C50, eR08080C80,
    eR10080C80, eT06050C50, eT06080C80, eT07050C50, eT07080C80, eT08050C50,
    eT08080C80, eT10080C80, eT06050C30, eT06080C50, eT07050C30, eT07080C50,
    eT08050C30, eT08080C50, eGR74070, eGT74070, eGT74080C70
    LifeSpan® ePTFE Vasküler Greftleri Kullanım Talimatları. R2270-01 Rev. E 10/17

T Top

Tru-Incise® Valvulotom Kesme Kafası Seti
    Tru-Incise® Valvulotom Kesme Kafası Seti Kullanım Talimatları. R3140-00 Rev. B 02/17

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XenoSure® Biyolojik Yama
    0.6BV8, 0.8BV8, 1BV6, 1BV10, 1.5BV10, 1BV14, 2BV9, 2.5BV15, 4BV4, 4BV6, 5BV10, 6BV8,
    8BV14, 10BV16, 12BV25
    XenoSure® Biyolojik Yama Kullanım Talimatları. R2398-01 Rev. L 10/17

XenoSure® Biyolojik Yama
    0.6P8, 0.8P8, 1P6, 1P10, 1.5P10, 1P14, 2P9, 4P4, 4P6, 6P8, 8P14, 10P16
    XenoSure® Biyolojik Yama Kullanım Talimatları. R2390-00 Rev. J 10/17

XenoSure® Biyolojik Sargilar
    PL0307R10, PL0506R10, PL0510R10, PL0307R25, PL0506R25, PL0510R25
    XenoSure® Biyolojik Sargilar Kullanım Talimatları. R3186-01 Rev. B 07/17

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